Star Trail

Billions and Billions - Haleakala Observatory

Dawn of Time

Haleakala Sunrise

Haleakala Crater View

Lahaina Glow

Path to Zen


Secret Beach Moonrise

Perfect Ending

Fairy Tale Trail

Banyan Star

Black Sand Paradise

Dragons Teeh

Red Sand Paradise

Lahaina Night

Private Pool Paradise

Maui Monster

Surfs Up

Wave Searcher

Forest Falls

Rainbow Row

Zen Falls

Bamboo Trail

Sky and Water - Upper Waikini Falls

The Three Bears

Iao Needle - Maui

Nakalele Rainbow

Moonlight Beach

Natures Painting


LA Master Chorale Concert

LA Master Chorale

LA Master Chorale Conductor

Once Upon A Time

Stairs of Time

Garden Path

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sky and Water

Chinese Garden Dream

The Stare


Bongo Male

Rhino Side Profile Close-Jamie Pham

Elephants of Asia Pool

Okapi and Baby Cover-Jamie Pham

TimmyTapir-Jamie Pham

Giant River Otter Pair

Yoshi Baby Chimp-Jamie Pham

Daddys Little Girl

Hippo Pair

Flamingo Chick

Bonsai Rock Sunset - Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay Sunrise

Sand Harbor Star

Tahoe Star

Perfect Sunday

Rock Garden - Lake Tahoe

Pasadena Sunset 3-Jamie Pham

Pasadena Skyline Night

Stradivarius Fest at the Huntington

Evie Jeang

Dr ODwyer

Dr Lily Lee

International Makeup Artist Trade Show

IMATS Zombie


LACO Stradivarius Fiddle Fest 2

LACO Stradivarius Fiddle Fest 1

LACO Stradivarius Fiddle Fest 3

League of Legends Championship

League of Legends Championship Stage