The King - African Lion

Wild View - Bongo

Eye to Eye

A Father's Love

Koala Portrait


Hugs , Snow Leopards

Threat - Mandrill

Nature's Painting - Peacock

Siblings - Tiger Cubs

Piggyback - Baby Glenda & Mommy Rapunzel

Black Swan Lake

Through the Looking Glass

Wild Dog in Grass

Wonderment - Orangutan

Ambush - American Alligator

Arachnophobia , Chilean Rosy Tarantula

Screamer - Harpy Eagle

Area 51 - Moon Jellies

Ride along - Koalas

Billy - Asian Elephant

Dance of the Jellies

Brown Pelican

Cautious - Jaguar

Close Up - Baby Western Lowland Gorilla

Coiled - Green Tree Python

Da Bear

DANGER - Aruba Island Rattlesnake

Aldabara Tortoise

Delicate Floater - Spotted Jelly


Baby Roo , Red Kangaroo

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eye to Eye - Asian Elephant

Flamingo Portrait

Friendship - Chimpanzees

From a Dream - Mandrill

Giraffe Abstract

Glance - Gray Wolf

Grevy's Zebra, Stripes

Harris Ground Squirrel

Hugs - Tiger Cubs

Raptor - Harpy Eagle

Rosie in Thought

Hunter - Sumatran Tiger

I'm All Ears - Bat Eared Fox


Bad Hair Day - African Crowned Crane

Kelly Portrait

Koala Joey

Komodo Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragons

Leopard Geko

Life , The Universe, and Everything - Chimpanzee

Lion fish

Lion in Grass

Mother - Snow Leopard

Munchies , Prarie Dog

Scream - Seriema

Muzzle - Lions

Okapi Love

Peek-a-Boo , Gorilla


Geisha - Flamingo


Pursuit - Sumatran Tiger

Ribbit - Couch's Spade Foot Toad


Sarus Crane

Serval Portrait-JP

Shark Encounter

Shark Encounter 2

Skys the limit

Snow Leopard Cub Paw

Standing Watch -  Meerkat

Strike a Pose , King Vulture

Swan Dance

Take off

The Open Sea Exhibit

The Queen , Sheepmaker's Crowned Pigeon

Traffic - Nubian Ibex

Tropical Wonderland - Long Beach Aquarium

Snow Leopard Snarl

Agouti Baby

Baby Dragon - Komodo

Berani Baby Orangutan

Comb Jelly - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Emperor Tamarin

Flamingo Forest

Little Bighorn

Ostrich portrait


Red River Hog Piglet

Baby Pangolin

Baby Pangolin Feeding

Blaze Portrait

Zebra Laugh